本日の英語処理キャパは終わったのだよな... orz

> Oh, I thought it would be easier to get a product that is currently
> selling. Anyway, can you tell me more about the HDL-GxxxU and
> HDL-GWxxxU? Maybe I will simply buy one, but can you tell me a little
> bit about the hardare?
> How much flash does it use?

I do not remember it, but think that I had it to spare enough.

> Does RedBoot also boot from /dev/hd[ab]1:vmlinux like the GLAN Tank or
> are they different?

Yes and No.
HDL-GWxxxU are same hardware and firmware.
But HDL-GxxxU only can use single drive and redboot firmware is slightly different.

> I'm sure Lennert would be interested to help with this, especially if
> rhere is some documentation about the button hardware.

I am sorry, but can't give you any document by policy of company.
You may have to do reverse-engineering of existing binary.

> However, I don't want you to spend any money
> personally. Are you sure you cannot obtain 2 machines from the
> company in order to support the lifetime of the project? Lennert will
> work on kernel support, getting the GLAN Tank support into the
> mainline kernel and working on integrating buzzer/LED/buttons, and
> I'll work on Debian support.

OK, I'ii try once again.
I may arrange two of them for sales promotion sample.
But the postage to a foreign country will not be paid by a company.
Will there be a solution of a problem of the postage?

> What kind of product based on the Orion are you working on?

HDL-GXxxx series are already shipped at March.