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Lennert BuytenhekとThecusのN2100にDebianの移植をしているのだけど、GLAN Tankも同じIOPなので、ついでにやってもいいんだけどマシンを寄付できるかい?という内容。


GLAN Tank Product code is SOTO-HDLGW. HDL-GWxxxU is another product.

HDL-GxxxU and HDL-GWxxxU is already production and sale end. I can't contribute them.

GLAN Tank still sells it, but the production end is near.
Now, I am seek for, how to leave product life more longer.

IOP kernel just works for the moment on GLAN Tank, except a button, a buzzer, an LED driver.
Buttun, LED, buzzer driver is original, and those source codes are not shown.
As for the development of a compatible driver by hacking community, only a button driver lacks.
I do not test them, but I heard that some people tried and works well.

http://www.wildtree.jp/~araki/modules/mydownloads/ http://www.wildtree.jp/~araki/modules/mydownloads/viewcat.php?cid=4&min=10&orderby=titleA&show=10

A button driver must write it newly, and buzzer/LED drivers may be rewrite to fit current kernel codes.
In addition, software to control them will be necessary.

In this way it became difficult to contribute GLAN Tank because the situation changed since four months.
Even if you read this and your mind still positive, I donate it personally.

Because a developer has disappeared with IXP sale, adoption with consumer machinery will not use IOP.
We shifted to Orion solution of Marvell, but Marvell is not active in information disclosure.
Marvell is negative against an exhibition of a source code, that is dirty, and there is not even a data sheet.